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World Premiere

Director: Kunitoshi Okuno

Japan, 2010, 5 min

Festival Year:2010


Crew:Editor: Kuintoshi Okuno - Cinematographer: Tadashi Okuno, Kunitoshi Okuno - Sound: Izumi Kamikura - Collaborator: Tokiko Watai

Sales:Kunitoshi Okuno - Fort Lee, NJ - T: +1-201-482-8547 / Tokyo, JAPAN - T: +81-3-5995-8220 - F: +81-3-5995-8229

Email:okuno.kunitoshi AT


The original images are single8 film taken by my father. I think these images are general sights seen in the 1970's. I removed me from these old images in the editing process. This work takes up memory and digital image.


About the director

Born in Tokyo in 1969, Kunitoshi Okuno has been making video art work that aims to find the correlation of the new narrative form with the transfigured medium since 1987. Kunitoshi also collaborates with many artists in other fields - musicians, sculptors and performers. In 2009 he was as lecturer at Nihon University College of Art.



Kunitoshi Okuno will be available for Q&A after the screenings.

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