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ZIEGENORT - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Tomasz Popakul

Poland, 2013, 20 min

Festival Year:2013


WINNER: Best Animation

Cast:Jakub Nosiadek, Maciej Miszczak, Daria Polasik, Natalia Brozynska, Slawomir Sulej

Crew:Producers: Piotr Szczepanowicz - Screenwriters: Tomasz Popakul - Editor: Tomasz Popakul, Piotr Szczepanowicz -


Fish Boy is a teenager facing the challenges of growing up. His problems are especially severe, as he is different from all others: He is half boy, half fish. His drama is set against the background of a seemingly idyllic fishing village, where is father wants to teach him how to become a fisherman. The boy's struggle with the stigma of rejection takes place in several dimensions of interpersonal relationships. Ultimately, it also affects Fish Boy's relationship with himself.


About the director

Tomasz Popakul was born in 1986 in Trzebież, Poland. He made his first films "Frustratu:Herzleid" in 2004 and "Life 1.0" in 2006 at the art school in Szczecin, before he started studying animation at the renowned film school in Lodz in 2007. In 2011, he signed up for the parallel study of scriptwriting at the same school. "Ziegenort" is his graduation film


Filmmaker's note

"Ziegenort" is the story of the small fisher village in an alternative reality where World War II never happened. All beings in the village, humans and animals alike, live under the law of nature. A father is trying to prepare his son to live as a fisherman. I wanted to create a kind of myth which includes beings that surround me and are close to me, to rediscover the meaning of symbols like sun, eagle, fish. I intended to create a realistic portrait of the anxiety one feels as a teenager growing up, and to mix the atmosphere of sunny holidays with a certain cruelty of the world, the beauty and the horror of nature

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