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BIG BAG - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Ricardo Martin Coloma

Spain, 2014, 13 min

Shooting Format:HDV

Festival Year:2015


Crew:Screenwriters: Ricardo Martin Coloma - Editor: Ricardo Martin Coloma - Composer: Ricardo Martin Castillo, Antton Barandiaran


World and most of times society dictates where and how much time you have to be for every second of your life.We work, sleep, buy things to feed an enormous machine that rules all of this questions. But is all of this necessary? Are we really working to live or just living to work? Do we really need to depend on a superior machine?Big Bag speaks about our real freedom and its limits and about which real options do we have of achieving it.


About the director

Ricardo Martin Coloma is a young spanish (Salamanca, 1989) animation filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. With a both architectural and cinema background he starts getting into aniation seriously in 2009 after attending to the Animation degree in Cice New Technologies Professional School in Madrid and Les Gobelins Summer School in Paris. After several collaborations in different animation shortfilms and some documentaries he makes his first animation shortfilm, Big Bag, in 2014.


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