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East Coast Premiere

Director: Dan & Matt O'Donnell

United States, 2002, 86 min

Shooting Format:3D

Festival Year:2002

Category:Narrative Feature

Cast:Matt O'Donnell, Dan O'Donnell (voices)

Crew:Production, Screenwriting, Editing, Sound & Animation: Dan & Matt O'Donnell

Sales:Cicada Productions, 266 Madison Avenue, Oceanside, NY 11572 - T: 516 594 2157 - F: 516 536 5797


A chronicle of the intersecting lives of four lost souls haunting the fringes of Coney Island's 60th Precinct. John Funn, a lonely Missing Persons detective at the frayed end of a once promising career, hitches his wagon to the rising star of a strange and impressionable young sergeant named Snookie. Computo, a World War II Army surplus robot, and Crazy Legs, an horrifically injured streetfighter, eke out a desperate living hawking mislabelled narcotics, while patiently awaiting happier times. Woven throughout the unraveling of these two dysfunctional partnerships is the story of a bizarre Missing Persons case involving a mysterious half-drowned man living one foot below the surface of the Atlantic ocean. A tale told in a cycle of interlocking absurdities--played almost alarmingly straight--MISSING PERSONS is an entirely CGI-generated 3D animated film, rendered in "toon-style" using custom software.

About the director

Dan & Matt O'Donnell are animators, electrical engineers, identical twins, and stupid, stupid idiots. I'm talking scary stupid here--these guys once tried to touch their toes and they had to amputate their toes! Talk about stupid, right? Another time, they tried to balance a checkbook...nice try, guys. Academic probation: their "close bosom-friend," to quote Keats out-of-context. Headaches, chronic get the idea. Unemployable, unintelligible, unbelievably stupid idiots.

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