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FROST - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Jo Roy

Canada, 2015, 4 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2016


Cast:Juliette Irons, Alek Palinski, Liv Hutchings, Kelly Browning, Devan Medrano, Jordan Johnson, Alexa Palminteri, Noel Arreola, Dani Scaringe, Gaby Hernandez, Kenzie McClure, Alex Gibbons, Rachel Robles, Sammi Nussbaum, Hannah Dragomer, Sam LaFrance

Crew:Producer: Jo Roy, Cinematographer: Cheok Wai Lei, Composer: Sven Helbig


Set in the Mojave Desert, a group of contemporary dancers illustrate the human journey.

About the director

Jo Roy is a Los Angeles based director, choreographer and dancer.


Filmmaker's note

My main objective as a filmmaker is to showcase the great power and potential of dance on film. This fusion is greatly underutilized and dancers are, therefore, underrepresented on the big screen.


Director Jo Roy will be available for a Q&A following both the June 4 screening at Windmill Studios and the June 12 screening at Wythe Hotel.

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