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Brooklyn Premiere

Director: Martin Smatana

Slovakia, 2015, 5 min

Shooting Format:Full HD

Festival Year:2016


Crew:Producers: Martin Smatana, Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava - Screenwriters: Ivana Sujova AT


Once upon a starry night, a small boy with a head full of fantasies witnesses dreamlike circus performances. Dazed by endless chain of glittering attractions he realizes that the price for a ticket to the fantastic circus tent is too high and the gate between reality and dream is closing.


About the director

Martin was born in 1991 in Zilina, Slovakia. He has been studying Animation at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and worked in Nukufilm Studio in Tallinn, Estonia and at a Private Art School LADON in Bratislava as a lecturer of animation. His debut animated short "Rosso Papavero" has been premiered at Berlinale 2015 Generation Kplus. He is currently preparing the next short film "The Kite".

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