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OCEAN PICTURE - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Daniel Ryan

United States, 2015, 4 min

Shooting Format:Lytro Illum Light-field Camera

Festival Year:2016


Cast:June Marsh, Dan Jividen

Crew:Cinematographer: O'Connor Hartnett - AD: Aaron Edwards - Editor: Laurence Bird - Colourist: Luke Morrison at The Mill - Colour Assist: Mikey Pehanich at The Mill - Production Co: Adorable - Stylist: Rose Austra Pudzis - G&E: Drew Beeson - Art Department: Kathy Rodríguez and Tammy Benzema - VFX: Jason Voke


Enveloped in the cinematic soundscape of musical duo, Big Noble (award-winning sound designer Joseph Fraioli and Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler), "Ocean Picture" from the album, First Light, examines an ominous tale of passion and deceit. Filmed with a light-field camera, "Ocean Picture" delivers pioneering visuals and a textural experience unlike any before.

About the director

Daniel Ryan is an award-winning commercial and music video director from Chicago with a fondness for hot sauce.


Director Daniel Ryan will be available for Q&A following the June 5 screening at Wythe Hotel.

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