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East Coast Premiere

Director: Matt Wechsler

United States, 2016, 95 min

Shooting Format:Canon C300, Red Scarlet

Festival Year:2016

Category:Documentary Feature

Crew:Producers: Annie Speicher - Screenwriters: Matt Wechsler

Email:matt AT


About the director

Matt Wechsler and Annie Speicher are the storytellers at Hourglass Films behind Sustainable. The film is a passion project for them, combining a shared love of food with their talents as documentary filmmakers. Their past work includes the 2012 New York Emmy-nominated documentary "Different is the New Normal", which aired nationally on PBS and was narrated by Michael J. Fox. In 2013, they were nominated for a Chicago Emmy Award as producers for the television show "Grannies on Safari: The Colors of Cuba". In October of 2014, they completed the 30-minute film "I Am For Peace", a documentary that follows a group of high school students as they attempt to combat violence in Chicago. Their love of storytelling is the driving force behind what they do.



Director Matt Wechsler and Producer Annie Speicher will be available for a Q&A after the June 5 screening at Windmill Studios.Director Matt Wechsler will also be available for a Q&A after the June 7 screening at Wythe Hotel.

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