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THE ARCHER - still #1


NY Premiere

Director: Valerie Weiss

United States, 2016, 86 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2017

Category:Narrative Feature

Cast:Bailey Noble, Jeanine Mason, Michael Grant Terry, Bill Sage

Crew:Producers: Ruth Du - Screenwriters: Casey Schroen


Archery champion Lauren Pierce has just landed in Paradise Trails, a brutal juvenile correctional facility in the wilderness. When Lauren learns how deep corruption runs at Paradise Trails under the rule of warden and bow-hunter Bob Patrice, she makes her escape, traversing the wilderness with rebellious inmate Rebecca Rolinski. They fight to survive both the elements and a desperate Bob, who's hunting his prey to make sure his secret stays buried... even if he has to bury them with it.

About the director

Award-winning filmmaker and scientist, Valerie Weiss has directed three feature films and an American Girl Special for Amazon Studios. Her work has been called "daringly light" for the way it embraces controversial topics in an enchanting way and spans the genres of action, thriller, drama, science-fiction and comedy. Valerie's third feature, The Archer, is a feminist coming-of-age action film best described as "Thelma and Louise" meets "First Blood" and will premiere at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival. Holding a Ph.D. in X-ray Crystallography from Harvard University has uniquely enabled Valerie to transform abstract material into compelling visual stories. Additionally, Valerie has a tremendous gift for eliciting moving and authentic performances, no matter how extreme the circumstances. Valerie is a member of the Directors Guild of America, an alumnus of the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women, a participant in the WeForShe DirectHer Program, the inaugural Fox Bridge Program and is represented at Gersh and John Bauman Management.


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