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DIVINE BEINGS - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Dan Oki

Croatia, 1999, 28 min

Shooting Format:DigiBeta

Festival Year:2000


Crew:Production Company: Dan Oki Productions Molukkenstraat 433 -1095 BJ Amsterdam - tel. +31 20 463 97 66 - fax. +31 20 694 43 11


"Divine Beings", is an ecological-humanistic narration based on a true concern about the living kingdom. The author narrates ("voice off") his fascination about animals, that goes back even to his childhood, when he had his private little zoo, hidden in the basement of his home. With clearly formed consciousness about the incoming ecological cataclysm, Dan Oki calmly and monotonously talks about his experiences with endangered species in general, collected in the course of his life time.

About the director

Filmmaker's note

"Everybody is standing on her/his own heart of soil, pierced by the ray of sun and evening is already there..."

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