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Good Bird

Good Bird

World Premiere

Director: Jacob Watson

United States, 2018, 4 min

Festival Year:2019


Crew:Producer: Jacob Watson - Executive Producer: Jacob Watson - Writer: Jacob Watson - Cinematographer/DP: Jacob Watson - Production Designer: Jacob Watson - Colorist: Jacob Watson - Editor: Jacob Watson - Animator: Jacob Watson

Email:jacobjameswatson AT


Good Bird is a stop-motion short with live action elements. The main character, a young girl, opens up the door to her backyard to let her dog out. The dog sprints outside towards some off-screen object. When the dog returns to its owner she discovers that the dog has a poor innocent bird in its mouth. The female character screams and the dog drops the bird. We see that the bird is bleeding and that it is going to die. The girl tries to figure out how to best make the birds last moments as pleasant as possible: she joins the bird on the ground, she pets it, she sings Amazing Grace, and she sits still. She then has to go inside and finish doing her laundry.

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