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Good Bird - still #1
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Good Bird

World Premiere

Director: Jacob Watson

United States, 2018, 4 min

Festival Year:2019


Crew:Producer: Jacob Watson - Executive Producer: Jacob Watson - Writer: Jacob Watson - Cinematographer/DP: Jacob Watson - Production Designer: Jacob Watson - Colorist: Jacob Watson - Editor: Jacob Watson - Animator: Jacob Watson


Good Bird is a short about a young girl doing all that she can to make the last moments of a birds life matter.

About the director

Jacob Watson is a filmmaker and screenwriter hailing from the deserts of the Southwestern United States. He has primarily worked creating narrative shorts and documentaries in partnership with nonprofits in communities around the globe.


Good Bird is a cozy story of a moment in a young girl’s life where she practices empathy and gentleness for something in need. Creating Good Bird was a labor of love, self-funded and entirely hand-made; every character meticulously needle felted by me in every spare moment I had outside of my day job. I wrote the story after my cousin told me she sang Amazing Grace to a bird that she saw dying. That anecdote buried itself in my brain and I had to fill out the larger story. What came of that is Good Bird. I’m incredibly proud of this little film of sweet puppets and I hope those who see it enjoy it. Thanks.

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