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Rotten ears

(Zgnile uszy)
NY Premiere

Director: Piotr Dylewski

Poland, 2019, 61 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2020

Category:Narrative Feature

Genres:Comedy, Drama

WINNER: Best Editing

Cast:Magdalena Celmer, Mikolaj Chroboczek, Michal Majnicz, Piotr Choma, Paulina Komenda

Crew:Writers: Piotr Dylewski, Magdalena Celmer - Producer: Piotr Dylewski


ROTTEN EARS is a tale of a somewhat premature marital crisis caused by unfulfilled expectations and lack of communication. Yanek and Marzena will face their deepest fears under the supervision of an unconventional therapist whose healing plan gets out of control.

Reality will seem blurred, suppressed pretensions and understatements will turn against the protagonists.


About the director

An enthusiast of kickboxing, black humor and tom yum soup. Graduate of psychology, film directing, conversation lover - especially with taxi drivers at different latitudes. As a director, he intends to deal with every film genre. "Constructor" is the result of an affair with a sci-fi genre.

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Filmmaker's note

"Rotten ears", is a totally independent movie which was created from the guts.

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