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Alive - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Jimmy Olsson

Sweden, 2020, 24 min

Shooting Format:HD

Festival Year:2020

Category:Narrative Short

Genres:Women, Sexuality, Disability

Cast:Eva Johansson, Madeleine Martin, Joel Ödmann, Philip Oros, Jimmy Olsson

Crew:Writer: Jimmy Olsson. Producers: Petter Selvehed, Ville Olin , Christian Kielberg. Sound: Emil Axing , Christian Skarin; Cinematography: Staffan Övgård; Edition: Anton Nilsson; Music: Peter Gregson; Distribution: Marta Salvador Tato

Sales:Marta Salvador Tato (Distribution with Glasses)


Victoria is disabled and she yearns after intimacy and her assistant Ida offers to help by making a Tinder profile. Victoria gets a match but the guy she is matching with is very shady and Ida gets worried what might happen if they meet


About the director

EN: Jimmy Olsson (Hässleholm, Sweden, 11/03/1980). He started to work with film in 2002 and have worked in almost every position there is behind the camera. He went to film school for two years in 2004 in Stockholm, where he is currently based nowadays. Jimmy usually writes comedy or pretty dark drama, with a little bit of comedy in it. He is comfortable with both comedy and drama, so he combines both genres to get a more three dimensional story and characters. He is inspired by well written dialogues and strong realistic performances from actors. When he is not doing short films or writing scripts, he also directs commercials. "Alive" (2020) is his eleventh short film as a director, after "Whatever happened to Ms Longstocking" (2020), "2nd Class" (2018), "Palmegruppen tar långlunch" (2018), "Void" (2017), "Ceasar" (2014), "Bättre Ränta" (2012), "Förträngd" (2011), "Kontrollanten" (2008), "Linjer" (2007) and "Leva, leva, leva" (2005).

ES: Jimmy Olsson (Hässleholm, Suecia, 03/11/1980). Comenzó a trabajar en el cine en 2002 y ha estado en prácticamente todos los roles tras la cámara. Fue a la escuela de cine durante dos años en Estocolmo (2004), donde reside hoy día. Jimmy suele escribir comedia o drama de tintes oscuros con toques cómicos. Se siente cómodo tanto con el drama como con la comedia, por lo que combina ambos géneros para crear personajes e historias con más capas. Se inspira en los diálogos sólidos y en las actuaciones realistas de los actores. Cuando no rueda cortos o escribe guiones, también se dedica a la publicidad. «Alive» (2020) es su corto número once, después de «Whatever happened to Ms Longstocking» (2020), «2nd Class» (2018), «Palmegruppen tar långlunch» (2018), «Void» (2017), «Ceasar» (2014), «Bättre Ränta» (2012), «Förträngd» (2011), «Kontrollanten» (2008), «Linjer» (2007) and «Leva, leva, leva» (2005).


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