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The Right Girls

NY Premiere

Director: Timothy Wolfer

United States, Mexico, 2019, 86 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2020

Category:Documentary Feature

Genres:Latino, Immigration, LGBTQ

Cast:Valentyna, Joanne Stefani, Chantal, Sinay

Crew:Writer: Jonny Orlansky. Producers: Timothy Wolfer, Graham Sheldon, Siobhan Luikham. Associate Producer: Amador R Jaojoco III, Megan DeMatteo; Additional Camera: Stephen Eyer, Emily Harmon; Editor: Timothy Wolfer; Assistant Editor: Patrick Wright; Advisers: Annette Porter, Tim Perell, Trina Rodriguez


Three young transgender women from El Salvador and Honduras - Valentina, Johanna and Chantal - travel through Southern Mexico within the high-profile "Migrant Caravan". They develop a deep friendship as they walk and hitch rides northwards; coping with long journeys, limited funds, and regular harassment. They team up with other trans girls – including Sinay – along the route, and integrate within the caravan's LGBTQ community.

About the director

For the last ten years Timothy Wolfer has been producing case study documentaries for non-profit organizations working within the humanitarian aid, international development and migration sectors. His work has taken him places like South Sudan to tell stories of the conflict, Bangladesh to cover stories of the Rohingya fleeing Myanmar, and Cuba as the country opened up to the first U.S. humanitarian assistance. Timothy Wolfer filmed and produced the feature film "Adopting Haiti", shot days after the 2010 earthquake; distributed though He has also produced numerous, short docs for PBS stations, winning him a regional Emmy.

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