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US Premiere

Director: Jorge G. Camarena

United States, 2020, 8 min

Shooting Format:35mm

Festival Year:2021


Cast:Jessica Park

Crew:Writers: Jorge G. Camarena, Kadri Koop. Producer: Roxanne Griffith.


During a series of events occurring at a late night in a laundromat a young waitress is feeling stuck in her career has existential crisis and must decide if she will continue with her current life or if it's time to choose a new path and try to find a more meaningful place in the universe.

SPIN is a film about the moment of change; when one is experiencing the meaninglessness of life and choosing to take agency over one's path by changing their perspective on things. It's about the dimensional shift that we experience once choosing to see life from a different, more positive and hopeful, angle.

About the director

Jorge was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where he majored in Communication Sciences at the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education, ITESO. As a Director he injects a unique visual style to each of his projects with a knack for conveying the basic message in an original way, coupled with his extensive experience as a post-producer and editor that complement his skills in management and problem solving situations. Jorge has a keen eye for storytelling trough composition and symbolic narrative that translate into a unique visual experience.

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