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Summer Summer

Director: Ruihong Tang

China, 2020, 4 min

Shooting Format:35mm dv digital

Festival Year:2021


Crew:Writer: Ruihong Tang. Producer: Ruihong Tang.


This is a secret diary of summer. The entire film is directly animated on time-stamped film, and the improvised painting traces are infinitely magnified through projection and scanning. "Summertime" collects the emotions that belong to each person's unique taste and ferments them into small universes, to enjoy the tinnitus under extreme heat, full of energy that reaches the peak, and will eventually disappear with the touch of greenness at the last moment of summer. Summer is like a label. It is an orange season with sweet and sour taste. There are many stories and endless possibilities.

I have always wanted to try this original direct animation technique. The whole production process is exceedingly filled with surprise, which is interesting and amazing. This half year is quite special. During the epidemic, I was in Wuhan,China. My whole emotion state was ups and downs in that I was suffering every day, counting the days and looking forward to the arrival of July. I hope you can feel my understanding of summer when you watch it.


About the director

Ruihong Tang, born in China in 1998, graduated from the China Academy of Art. The graduation work 'Summer Summer' was shortlisted for 2021 Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Montreal Independent Film Festival, etc.

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