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Colorful Fears

East Coast Premiere

Director: Will Kim

United States, 2020, 3 min

Festival Year:2021


Genres:Horror, Experimental, Short, Mysterious

Crew:Writer: Will Kim. Producer: Will Kim. Animator: Will Kim; Story Artist: Will Kim; Editor: Will Kim; Concept Artist: Will Kim; Composer: Kari Rae Seekins


"Colorful Fears" is about the filmmaker's fears of his own creative tools, fake affection, betrayal, abstract imagination, and the cycle of the fears. Animated with watercolor on paper, the creative tools symbolized by a "hand" take on a journey of hurting and getting hurt.


About the director

Will Kim was born in Los Angeles and grew up in both LA and Seoul, Korea. Will graduated from Cal Arts with BFA and UCLA with MFA. Will's works have showed in various international film festivals and museums. Currently Will lives and works in Los Angeles and teaches animation at Riverside City College in California.

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