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A Fairy Tale

(En Fin de Conte)
NY Premiere

Director: Zoé Arène

Belgium, 2021, 21 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2022

Category:Narrative Short


Cast:Aline Mahaux, Juliàn Gomez

Crew:Writer: Zoé Arène. Producers: Robin Robles, Arthur Goisser, Bastien Daret, Benoît Roland.


Apprentice filmmaker, Juan makes a documentary portrait of Coco, a thirty-something-year-old marginal.

The film is quickly called into question when Juan discovers that Coco thinks she’s a fairy in a disenchanted society.

About the director

After a master's degree in directing at Insas, Zoé Arene alternates between writing and film sets as an assistant director.

A Fairy Tale is her first short film, a "mockumentary" addressing the themes that are dear to her: the imaginary and the (dangerous) disenchantment of the world.

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