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ELEVATOR - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Yorico Murakami

United States, 2002, 2 min

Festival Year:2003


Crew:Cinematographer, Editor, Sound: Yorico Murakami - Original Score: Takashi Sakai

Sales:Yorico Murakami - Los Angeles CA


Based on the idea that we all may have the subconscious desire to escape from our everyday lives, yet stick to being ourselves. There is an elevator in which an invisible button leads you into a journey through your subconscious.

About the director

Yorico majored Craft Arts in Tokyo National University of Fin Arts. Worked for an advertising company, Dentsu Tec Inc. Tokyo as a graphic designer for seven years, Yorico moved into Los Angeles California and enrolled USC Cinema-TV Division of Animation and Digital Arts as a graduate. Her first short animated film Elevator has been exhibited in several international festivals.

BFF Alumni

Yorico Murakami's filmography

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