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Bull Rider

Directors: Alexia Oldini and Steven Gray

United States, 2022, 2 min

Shooting Format:Alexa

Festival Year:2023


Genres:Action, Dance, Sports

Cast:Ouncie Mitchell

Crew:Writer: Martha Graham. Producers: Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray. Cinematographer: Steven Gray, James Lamberg; Narration: Martha Graham; Music: Philip Glass


This experimental documentary short merges meditations on dance from choreographer Martha Graham with music by composer Philip Glass and video featuring Professional Bull Rider/Modern Dancer Ouncie Mitchell, at the 2022 Oakley Rodeo in Oakley, UT.

Director's Award: Thomas Edison Film Festival
Opening Film: Athens International Film & Video Festival
Opening Film: Filmfort (Treefort Music Festival)

Official Selection:

Cinequest Film & VR Festival
Flatpack Festival
Lone Star Film Festival
Durango Independent Film Festival
Montana Film Festival
SENE Film Festival

About the directors

Alexia Oldini - Alexia Oldini & Steven Gray are Utah based filmmakers and visual artists. Their narrative, documentary, political and experimental short films have won awards nationally and internationally. Their newest project, ‘Bull Rider’, is an experimental documentary short featuring Professional Bull Rider Ouncie Mitchell at the Oakely Rodeo in Oakley, Utah.

Steven Gray -

Filmmakers' note

This project emerged out of a passion for dance, rodeo and the minimalist music of Philip Glass. We hope that by juxtaposing very different creative and athletic mediums we can learn more about both.

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