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GIRL(BOY)14 / SCHOOL IS 2 DIE 4 - still #1


World Premiere

Director: Fernando Dominguez Sarmiento

Argentina, 2003, 35 min

Festival Year:2003

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Leonora Taylor, Fernando Dominguez Sarmiento, Nelson Shulman, Ezequiel Verardo

Crew:Producers: Fernando Dominguez Sarmiento, Alberto Dominguez - Screenwriter, Editor, Cinematographer, Sound: Fernando Dominguez Sarmiento - Original Score: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

Sales:Fernando Dominguez Sarmiento- , Guido 850, Gral. Pacheco Buenos Aires, Argentina ZIP: 1617 - T: 3488 4 93284


The story: inspired in real life, we closely follow the life of the typical Jekyll and Hyde character: a little manic-depressive teen girl that snaps into an agressive character now and then. The twist? The passive character is performed by a girl (Leonora Taylor, 15) and the agressive by a boy (Fernando Dominguez, 16). The character is driven to take immediate action when she/he is constantly threatened by family, school peers, teachers, and bullies for her/his anti-social behavior. The result: media induced violence.

About the director

20. Has studied in Manuel Antin's FUC (University of Cinema) for two years. Has worked on several online shorts, such as "0 or 1?" and "Fat Girl(s) In Ohio". "Girl(boy)14" is his first feature film.

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