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US Premiere

Director: Marc Isaacs

England, 2003, 59 min

Shooting Format:MiniDV

Festival Year:2004

Category:Documentary Feature

Crew:Marc Isaacs - Original Score: Mustafa Santic and Michel Duvoisin - Editor: David Charap

Sales:Marc Isaacs, London, England - T: 0044 7968 743896


For the English, the French port town of Calais is the gateway to Europe or a place to buy cheap alcohol. For hundreds of migrants it is the final barrier in the desperate search for a new life in England. This intimate film weaves together character driven stories of refugees, migrants and English expatriates to buikd a picture of life in a transient town where the inhabitants dream of somewhere better.

About the director

Born a stones throw away from the location of his first film, Lift, in the east-end of London, thirty-four year old, Marc Isaacs began working on documentary films as an Assistant Producer in 1995. He then assisted Pavel Pawlikowski on Twockers and the award winning Last Resort. After completing Lift in 2001, Marc directed two further documentaries for the BBC about the sub-culture of shoplifting, both of which were nominated for a BAFTA Craft Award in the UK. His documentary film Travellers for Channel 4 was then followed by Calais: The Last Border, which offers an original view of England from across the Channel. Marc is currently making a documentary over two years about children in a remote UK village.

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