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DUBLIN 1 - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Jason Tammemagi

Ireland, 2004, 11 min

Shooting Format:DigiBeta

Festival Year:2005


Cast:Fred O'Reilly

Crew:Producer: Gerard O'Rourke - Screenwriter: Fred O'Reilly - Editor: Roxy Lyon - Sound: James Daly, ReelGood Facilities - Animators: Simon Crane, Dean Swanton, Richard Keane - Storyboards: Tim Spillane

Sales:Gerard O'Rourke, Producer c/o Monster Animation & Design - Dublin 2, Ireland - T: +353 1 603 4980 - F: +353 1 676 1437


As the face of Dublin is changing, this film embodies a moment in time. It's history and it's future are all there for those who wish to see it, but they are contained within a short and true animated anecdote about one man's visit to Dublin 1.

About the director

Jason Tammemagi is Creative Director with Monster Animation and Design having joined the company after he left Animation College in 1997. Starting as an animator, he soon found his niche in directing and working as a creative leader with the organization. Jason directs commercials and has shot films in a number of different mediums of animation. He is currently directing the new TV series "MANAGING THE UNIVERSE".

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