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NY Premiere

Director: Rie Rasmussen

France, 2004, 10 min

Shooting Format:35mm

Festival Year:2005

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Rie Rasmussen, Travis Marshall

Crew:Producer: Katia sourzac - Screenwriter: Rie Rasmussen, Travis Marshall - Editor: Yann Herve - Cinematographer: Pierre Morel - Original Score: Leone Larusso

Sales:Julien HOSSEIN c/o Europacorp - 137, rue du faubourg st honore 75008 Paris - France - T: 33 1 53 83 03 03 - F: 33 1 53 83 03 04


Having finished the graveyard shift a young albino returns to her apartment to find that a vicious killer of the disabled has made her next victim. What attracts some humans to the dark side? Is it a cry for pop culture attention in a world where serial killers are more famous than nobel prize winners? Society's sum of the disenfranchised or do dark forces really call to them? Why does a young man feel compeled to act out brutal murders inspired by satanic music? This simple premise becomes the set for a little game of show and tell between predator and prey.

About the director

Born in Denmark. This is her debut film in which she is auteur, writes directs and acts.

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