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FINGER AND BODY - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Kei Horie

Japan, 2005, 109 min

Festival Year:2006

Category:Narrative Feature

Cast:Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Akiko Fukuda, Reiko Kataoka, Masaaki Akahori, Toshiaki Megumi

Crew:Producer: Hideki Watanabe - Screenwriter: Kei Horie & Masaaki Akahori - Cinematographer: Hiroo Yanagida - Original Score: Yohei Tsukasaki - Sound: Ken Shingai - PA: Kumiko Hoshi & Chikako Nakabayashi

Sales:Kei Horie, Finger and Body - New Media Generation Inc., - T: +81-3-5728-6652 - F: +81-3-5728-6653


Jun, a young pimp in Tokyo, is so emotionally estranged from himself and the world around him that he has forgotten much of his past. With the help of an oddball psychotherapist, "Dr. T", Jun begins to uncover the shameful memories at the root of his confusion: As a teenager, he seduced and slept with his younger sister, Kumi. This discovery returns Jun to his childhood home, and to Kumi, who he has not seen or communicated with in many years. What follows is an unexpected and explosive chain of events confronting Jun with his misdeeds, and also revealing to him the true cause of his isolation. This haunting and often funny film is a unique exploration of love, regret, and the essentially bizarre in human relationships.


About the director

Kei Horie studied at the Japan University. He is 26 years old.


Director Kei Horie and Producer Hideki Watanabe will be available for Q&A after the screening.

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