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REFLECTIONS - still #1


World Premiere

Director: Suki

France, 2006, 8 min

Shooting Format:2D computer

Festival Year:2006


Cast:Stephane Debureau, Peggy Martineau, Manuel Martin, Serge Chambon, Vanessa Mikowski, Franck Dion, Jean, Michel Collet

Crew:Original Score: Jérôme Rossi - Sound Design: Nicolas Bredin, Deborah Stauffer - Voice Recording: Jean-Michel Collet

Sales:Suki c/o Papy3D Productions, Paris FRANCE - T: +33 6 24 07 15 07


One year ago, Thomas Bresson, a brilliant and ambitious lawyer, and Elise, his fiancée, hit a man on the street by accident and ran away. From this time, every night, Thomas is having the same nightmare. Haunted by guilt, Elise warns him that she can't keep this terrible secret any longer. In furious frenzy, Thomas begins his way to hell. But his path is to take many turns...

About the director

Suki was born in 1977 in Versailles. After a scientific degree and cinema studies, Suki makes an animation movie, combining his taste for cinema and drawing. Then, he makes flash cartoons for 3Toon and creates "the Dick Spader Investigations" episodes. Artistic director at Concept-Image, he continues his own realisations and creates, for Nike, an animated comic. In 2005, Suki becommes independent and begins the production of an animated short film: "Reflections".

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