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US Premiere

Director: Stephane Beve & Mathieu Auvray

France, 2005, 11 min

Festival Year:2006


Crew:Producer: Nicolas Schmerkin - Editing: Vincent Richard - Music: OMR - Sound: David Coutures - 3D Animators: Stéphane Beve, Patrick Stemelen, Ludovic Mannoni, Gaelle Delcourt - 2D animators: Mathieu Auvray, Sébastien Fauchère, Manuel Raïs

Sales:Nicolas Schmerkin, Producer c/o Autour de Minuit, 21 rue Henri Monnier, 75009 Paris, France - T: +33 (0)1 42 81 17 28 - F: +33 (0)1 42 81 17 29


In an out of time urban universe, a crowd of small bits of paper slowly wander, like zombies, under the yoke of tyrannical and violent hands. Their life seem to be organized around a ritual orchestrated by a hand-priest. A solitary hand contemplates this strange world from the top of its tower...

About the director

Born in 1976, Stéphane Bève (SpoN) graduated in Images and Sound Ingeniering in Valenciennes (France). He works then as a 3D graphist on advertisments and music videos as "Flowers" by Emilie Simon, "Yallah" by Callogero, "Take me dow n" by New Found Glory, "Au Pays de Ghandi" by MC Solaar, "" by No One Is Innocent and for the short film "Obras" by Hendrick Dusollier.
Born in 1981, Mathieu Auvray (mAt) graduated in audivisual at Montaigu (France). From 2002, he works with nO brain on the compositing for TV channels (Canal J, MCM, HBO) and on the compositing 2D for several music video: "Pray" by Syntax, "Flowers" by Emilie Simon, "Le Prince Bleu" by Robert & Majandra, "Sexual" by DSL, "Au Pays de Ghandi" by MC Solaar and "" by No One Is Innocent.

BFF Alumni

Stephane Beve & Mathieu Auvray's filmography

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