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NY Premiere

Director: Alvaro Pastor

Spain, 2005, 25 min

Festival Year:2006

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Antonio Naharro, Andres Waksman, Emilio Linder, Nacho Medina, Catalina Llado

Crew:Producers: Alvaro Pastor & Antonio Naharro - Screenwriter: Alvaro Pastor & Antonio Naharro - Editor: Nino Martinez Sosa - Cinematographer: Alfonso Postigo - Original Score: Francisco Musulen, Luis Elices - Sound: Miguel Carretero - Other: Nacho Royo

Sales:Freak Short Film Agency, C/O Narciso Puig, Extremadura, SPAIN - T: +34 902012909


Elias, a young high school teacher, is after discovering he is HIV positive. Right then he is starting a relationship with Pedro, one of his co-workers. He does not dare tell him, afraid of being rejected.

About the director

Alvaro Pastor (1972) studied screenwriting and direction at the School of Arts and Espectaculos and music at the National Conservatory of Madrid.

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