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World Premiere

Director: Nasreen Alkhateeb

United States, 2006, 3 min

Shooting Format:DigiBeta

Festival Year:2006


Cast:Sara Benkin, John Paul Classi, Mark Dowey, Suzanne Klinefelter, Sarah Sharrow

Crew:Screenwriter: Nasreen Alkhateeb, Sara Benkin, Mako Bates - Original Score: Nine Inch Nails - Sound: Mark Dowey - Special FX Makeup: Matt James, John Paul Classi - Makeup Assistants: Claire Unabia, Roxann Acosta - Lighting: Amy Belotti

Sales:Nasreen Alkhateeb, Brooklyn NY - T: 917-755-2500

Email:sharky717 AT


Zombies spread through the tunnels under a University campus

About the director

Born in San Francisco, spent my early childhood in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, family moved to Northern Virginia for the next 11 years, until I graduated from High School and moved to New York where I attend Art School at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn . I focused my studies on film, sculpture, and photography. I was brought up in an environment consisting of multiple cultures originating from several countries. My mother's heritage was Czech-Yemeni, and my father's is Turkman-Iraqi. Most of my extended family is spread all over the globe. (Nasreen Alkhateeb)


Director Nasreen Alkhateeb will be available for Q&A after the screening.

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