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(La memoria dei cani)
NY Premiere

Director: Simone Massi

Italy, 2006, 8 min

Festival Year:2007


Crew:Producers: Simone Massi, Arte France & Sacrebleu Productions - Sound: Stephano Sasso & Simone Massi - Music: Musicfeel

Sales:Ron Dyens, Producer - Sacrebleu Productions, 23 rue Bisson, 75020 Paris, France - T: +33 1 42 25 30 27 - F: +33 1 53 75 25 91

Email:contact AT


My cheeks brush against the stones, I look out from a break in the wall.


About the director

Simone Massi (1970, Italy) after getting his degree in Animated Cinema from the State Institute of Fine Arts of Urbino, he spent a period of work experience with the Bozzetto Studio. In 1996 he began working as a free-lance animator for different production studios cooperating in producing CD-ROMs, videos and TV series and movies. "The memories of dogs" is his 17th film.

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