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BOUNCE - still #1


Director: Marina Shoupe

United States, 2007, 5 min

Festival Year:2009


Cast:Lillian Shoupe, Susan Voytiky, Charlene Penner, Paloma Domiunguez, Shelby Strange

Crew:Producer & Editor: Marina Shoupe - Cinematographer: Marina Shoupe & Su Yin Mah

Sales:Marina Shoupe, Producer - 63 Park Hill Avenue San Francisco, CA 94117 - T: 415.558.9541


Bounce travels in time to when we were kids, summers were long and un-complicated by time. Bounce returns to the middle present, and we hear a middle aged woman catalog the changes and shifts in her body and drives. In the third act, Bounce brings us to the present-present where joy and delight has been found with the power of these changes. Artfully shot in 8mm (underwater) and 16mm, Bounce explores gravity with swimmers, arial and Butoh dancers. Narrated by Joan Schirle.


About the director

Marina Shoupe is a beekeeper, filmmaker, sound designer and visual artist. Living in San Francisco, she is currently attending SFSU, in the MFA Cinema program, which she entered on the cusp of her 50's.


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