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GLASS TRAP - still #1


(Szklana pulapka)
NY Premiere

Director: Pawel Ferdek

Poland, 2008, 15 min

Shooting Format:HDCAM

Festival Year:2009

Category:Documentary Short

Crew:Executive Producer: Kuba Kosma (Kosma Film) - Producer: Polish Filmmakers Association - Screenwriter: Pawel Ferdek - Editor: Jan Przyluski - Cinematographer: Wojciech Staron

Sales:Katarzyna Wilk, Krakow Film Foundation , ul. Morawskiego 5, pok. 434 30-102 Kraków, Poland - T: +48122946945


Cash, a car and a mobile phone... as well as fish. A group of tough men from near Warsaw organize a new form of entertainment. Their customary meetings over alcohol and drugs start to include fights between aggressive aquarium fish, which are, of course, accompanied by bets for large sums of money. Such is the extent of this hobby that one of the characters hopes that his champion will contribute significantly to the purchase of a new Subaru.

"It almost sounds like fiction: tough young men who drive fast cars and hold fighting matches to the death between aggressive goldfish. With its great cinematic style, Glass Trap makes you think of a "Godfather" spinoff. The film has something sinister about it, but because of the fascination of goldfish also something innocent and surreal" -Catalogue IDFA Amsterdam

About the director

Pawel Ferdek (1977) - scriptwriter, documentary filmmaker, globetrotter - is a graduate of Warsaw University (International Relations), Academy of "Gardzienice" Theatre Company and European film programme EKRAN in Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing.


Director Pawel Ferdek and producer Kuba Kosma will be available for Q&A after the screenings.

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