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PRISONFOOD - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Uwe Flade

Germany, 2008, 8 min

Shooting Format:HDCAM

Festival Year:2009

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Tony Fordham, Peter Henderson, Keith Myers

Crew:Executive Producer: Marc Rothemund, Patrick Holtkamp, Nicolai Iuul, Jen Herrera, Markus Gerwinat - Producer: Mark Entzelmann, Stephane Hareau, Clare Sandford, Carter Piltcher - Screenwriter: Uwe Flade, Brian Cordray - Editor: Felix Drawe - Cinematographer: Kristian Leschner - Original Score: Enrico Caruso - Sound: Adel Gamehdar

Sales:Uwe Flade, Director - Berlin, Germany - T: +49(0)1633118683


Set during a very special Sunday in a single prison cell, Prisonfood is a tale of entrapment, tension and the power of the human imagination. With only a sock full of sand and the human mind to comfort them, the characters envision a better life for themselves, free from their repetitive, helpless state. It's only disrupted by reality rudely shattering their delicate fantasies.


About the director

Uwe Flade (Munich, 1971) lives and works in Berlin where he is best known for directing music videos for artists including Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand, In Extremo, Nickelback and Rammstein.


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