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BEGUINE - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Douwe Dijkstra

Netherlands, 2009, 5 min

Festival Year:2009


Cast:Ferry Heijne, Liesbeth Groenwold, De Kift

Crew:Producer: FESTINA LENTE MEDIA - Screenwriter: Rémy Harrewijn, Douwe Dijkstra, Tom Walter - Editor: Douwe Dijkstra & Tom Walter - Cinematographer: Ezra Reverda - Sound: Arjen Schut - 2D Animation & Stopmotion: Douwe Dijkstra - 3D Animation: Tom Walter - Music: Ferry Heijne (de Kift) - Production Manager: Nico de Haan

Sales:Nico de Haan, Publicist - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - T: +31(0)196264179


A short movie about losing ones Love and the survival that follows after. I sing, I drink, I laugh, I dance, while my heart weeps. The melancholy, imagination, and hope. My Love left me last night.


About the director

Douwe Dijkstra (1984) graduated from the Academy of Arts in Zwolle in the summer of 2005, winning several prizes for his graduation films. In 2006 he helped start Festina Lente, a creative Amsterdam based network/agency. Next to cooperating in several Festina Lente projects, including music videos and animated web-features, he works on independent films, multimedia installations, and exhibits his work in galleries and museums.

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