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(La Sombra de Don Roberto)
US Premiere

Director: Juan Diego Spoerer & Hakan Engstrom

Chile, 2007, 27 min

Shooting Format:MiniDV

Festival Year:2009

Category:Documentary Short

Crew:Producer: Juan Diego Spoerer & Håkan Engström - Screenwriter: Juan Diego Spoerer - Editor: Stefan Sundlöf - Cinematographer: Annika Busch

Sales:Vittorio Farfan, Distributor - Loteo Prosperidad, Lagar #2148, Talca, Region del Maule 3460000, Chile - T: 094416980

Email:trippas AT


A boy travels to a saltpeter office with his family, to the city of Chacabuco in the Chilean desert, where he walks along the old buildings. The years pass by and, as the wind erases the days and hours from yesterday, the boy is now grown up, a lonely old man, and that old man decides to move to Chacabuco.


About the director

Juan Diego Spoerer is an independent director and a professor of documentary cinema in Chile. Håkan Engström is a sound engineer and works for National Radio Sweden. Together, they have made twenty documentaries for National Radio Sweden, Engström the producer and Spoerer the director. In 1999 Spoerer received the National Prize of Journalism of Sweden for a series of documentary on Chile.

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