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IN DEEP WATERS - still #1


(Dans les eaux profondes)
US Premiere

Director: Sarah Van den Boom

Canada, 2015, 12 min

Festival Year:2016


WINNER: Spirit Award

Crew:Producers: Julie Roy, Sarah Van Den Boom, Richard Van Den Boom - Screenwriters: Sarah Van Den Boom - Editor: Annie Jean, Sarah Van Den Boom


From the moment they are conceived, twin babies forge a close bond in their mother's womb. But when one twin dies during the pregnancy, the surviving twin is left with a feeling of grief that may last a lifetime.This moving and poetic animated short by Sarah Van den Boom tells the stories of three people who are deeply affected by the death of their twin in utero, a phenomenon that is rarely discussed, yet not uncommon.Haunted by the loss of a sibling they never knew, these twinless twins search in vain for their missing brother or sister. They must learn to accept this senseless loss and make their way in the world without their other half. Yet every aspect of their lives remains forever coloured by a tragedy that occurred before they were born.

About the director

Sarah Van den Boom was born into a family of artists. Though she developed a keen interest in theatre, dance and illustration, she eventually began to explore animation. In 2005, she released her first film, the much-lauded short Novecento: Pianist based on a monologue for theatre by Alessandro Baricco. In the years following, she continued pursuing a career in animation, particularly in Hollywood where the studio Acme Filmworks commissioned her to do commercials. In 2009, Sarah completed The Skeleton Woman, a second promising animated short, which screened at some 50 film festivals around the world. In 2015, she is back with her third film, In Deep Waters, which is co-produced with the NFB.

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