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A BETTER WORLD - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Sacha Feiner

Belgium, 2012, 24 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2013

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Vincent KOHLER

Crew:Producers: André Logie - Screenwriters: Sacha Feiner - Cinematographer: Olan Bowland - Editor: Emilie Morier


Henry, dedicated citizen of a pitiless dictatorship, has always worked intensely at the Denunciation Ministry. But suddenly, the regime collapses; the cold, technocratic and paranoid world becoming at once an idyllic and caricatured countryside. Henry, panicked without the rules he was addicted to, seems to be the only one to regret the old regime. As if it was going to come back, he continues to follow the rules and clings to his useless work...


About the director

Sacha Feiner (born in Brussels, 1982) graduates as a graphic designer in La Cambre in 2005. He begins his film career with several self-produced short films, such as the preliminary programs of Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2008, he gets noticed in the US special effects business with a "Gremlins Fan Film". After directing, in 2012, "A Better World", a science-fiction short resuming the Orwellian topics of his previous works and winner of several international awards, he adapts, in 2014, a Philippe Foerster graphic novel, "Last Door South", as an puppet animated short.

Filmography BFF Alumni

Sacha Feiner's filmography

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