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DELIVERY - still #1


Director: Patrick Smith

United States, 2003, 8 min

Festival Year:2004


Crew:Patrick Smith - Sound: Karl vonKries

Sales:Blend Films, New York, NY - T: 917-549-3763 - F: 917 549-3763


Abuse leads to rage as two friends compete for a delivered package. Was the result of this conflict worth the prize found within the box?

About the director

Self taught animator Patrick Smith made his directorial debut in the stylistic MTV animated series "Down-town". He went on to direct several seasons of the popular series "Daria". Currently, Smith is working full time on independent films. His films have been featured on MTV, Spike and Mikes, Avoid Eye Contact (The best of NYC), and over a hundred other international film festivals. Today, the 32-year-old animator is writing his first feature, and animating his next independent short.

BFF Alumni

Patrick Smith's filmography

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