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East Coast Premiere

Director: Jonathan Rosen

United States, 2011, 3 min

Festival Year:2012


Cast:Jonathan Rosen

Crew:Film Score, Sound Design: Michael Rosen


A short, hand-drawn visualization of the mental process of meditation.


About the director

Jonathan Rosen is an artist, animator and performer whose short films have screened internationally. After graduating from Bard College, he moved to NYC to work as a colorist for legendary independent animator Bill Plympton, completing the feature "Cheatin'" and working on several Simpsons couch gags. As an actor, Jonathan portrayed Johnny Thunders in the HBO series "Vinyl" and starred in the coming of age indie film "Active Adults," playing an animator alongside Lola Kirke, Dominic Chianese and Rosie Perez. He has since relocated to Los Angeles, where he works as a musician, cartoonist and animator. He has made animations for such artists as Erykah Badu and Toro y Moi. For his own band Cones, of which he is the singer and songwriter, he creates the artwork and music videos, giving the band an immersive visual dimension.

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Jonathan Rosen's filmography

Filmmaker's note

Wacky and amusing, yet at times enveloping and intense, the animation illustrates a surge of thought-images, and their inevitable retreat back to a pure and simple circle, a buzzing mantra. The swelling sound effects recorded on cassette and created only by a voice interact with the ever-morphing imagery in a way that guides the viewer through a bizarre experience; it is like watching an extracted slice of the mind displayed onscreen.

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